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Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Introducing Komaza Skin & Hair Care"

One of my best friends sent me some Komaza Shea Butter Hair Lotion in my birthday package and I am enjoying it so far. My BFF, who wears her hair natural, says that this company has other great products (like the Coconut Hair Milk that she loves) so I thought I would share the website with you. Oh by the way, for those of you, like myself, who love companies that make products that smell good, this is definitely one of them. The Komaza Shea Butter smells divine and my BFF said all of the products that she tried also smell good and has been great for her hair.


Komaza products are created by people who really understand African American hair. Whether you have relaxed, natural, thick or fine hair, Komaza hair care products are designed with the health of your hair truly in mind.

Komaza hair care products contain keratin, a protein hair is mostly made of, and other proteins such as silk, wheat, and jojoba, all known to restore, strengthen and improve hair textures.

Komaza Hair Care products are natural and do not contain any harsh chemicals, mineral oil, or petroleum which will cause split ends, clogged hair follicles, and slow hair growth.

Komaza hair care products are beneficial to all hair textures by supplying the essentials known to increase hair growth, provide a healthy scalp and put an end to breakage and split ends.

Click here to visit the site: http://www.komazacare.com