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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPDATED on July 11, 2010- (Chosen Vessel's 7 year Lockversary July 2010)

January 2010 (Braid-out with headwrap) February 2010 (Braidout)March 2010 (Sporting a hat, don't ask me how I squeezed my locks into this little hat...LOL..Whew...)April 2010 (Headwrap)
April 2010 (@ work, headwrap with ponytail) May 2010 (Hair braided individually for braidout)- Ready for bed..LOL

June 2010 (At the computer on Facebook, that is why I am not on my blog as much, that DANG Facebook...LOL)

JULY 2010: Locked 7 years, I can't believe it!!!

Locked 2 weeks (July 29, 2003)