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Monday, May 12, 2008

"5 Year Lockversary right around the corner.....July 15, 2008"

Greetings, I know it has been a while since I have posted photo's of my hair but I have been extremely busy since this year has started and I haven't seemed to be able to make time for blogging. Every now and then I tried to post, but getting photo's was another challenge. I am coming up on my 5 year lockversary in July and I can't believe it. I am still very pleased with my locks :)

Right now, my only concern is getting my hairline to cooperate. Since I wore braids for so long before locks it thinned out my hair line, so I am trying to restore it. At Cherie's suggestion, I have been using Organic Root Stimulator Fertilizing Temple Balm, so we will see what happens, I am hopeful. It says it takes 8-12 weeks to see the results and I have only been using it for about 2 weeks and I have been faithtful, two times a day. Once my hairline starts to act right, I will have no complaints, for now (smile).

Here are a couple of photo's I took of myself before going to work this morning. I did a roller-set last week, so this is about a 10 day old roller set. Since my hair has grown so much, the roller-set doesn't make it to two weeks anymore:( As you can see this probably looks more like free-style, since the curls are gone, gone, gone.

Life update: I will be vacationing in North Carolina in about 2 weeks and I am overly excited. My best friend/sister moved there almost two years ago and I went through a depression, we are so close, we believe we are supernatural twins. Second to my husband, she knows me better than anyone, I believe even my mother, even though I don't think my mother would agree. I have never been to NC, but aside from my BFF I have heard great things about it. On the pet note, I have decided not to get a dog, just too much work. I am already trying to juggle too many things, and it would not be fair to the little pup. I thought about getting birds, but my BFF got two back to back and they did not make it so I decided not to go that route......I guess I will just wait until it is time for me and my DH to have a little one. I think all along that is what it has been, my biological clock is ticking LOUDLY and has been for a while, and I have been trying to appease it by doing other things, but I see clearly now, I am ready to be a mommy and nothing can replace that :)

In a previous post I posed questions to moms and asked what you liked about motherhood and I got an overwhelmingly positive response. I am hoping when it does happen, I would like twins (one boy, one girl--runs in the family), so we will see what happens or better yet, see what God does.

**If you mommy's don't mind, since some of you did not get a chance to respond to my previous post, would you mind telling me what you like about motherhood and offer any advice?

Abena {Favored Grace}

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, The fruit of the (my) womb is a reward.
Psalm 127:3
* The Lord remebered me {Abena}................