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Thursday, January 4, 2007

"How to wash your Locks"

Click on the link below to see a step by step demonstration by Colorado's Premier Loctician, Carole Pearson, on how to wash your locks:

Please tell me, was the video helpful?


Anonymous said...

Your video was quite helpful in showing me how to wash my SL's properly. Thank you. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL

Chosen Vessel said...


I am glad the video was helpful and thank you for the compliment :)

Sister-in-Locks said...

It Was helpful to me. I changed a few things after watching it.

Chosen Vessel said...


I am glad the video was helpfu to you. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back again :)

Aundrea said...

I thought the video was indeed helpful. Although I haven't yet reached the point where I wash my hair without braiding/banding, I am looking forward to trying those techniques! Great blog posts...very helpful! I loved the pics of you when you were little. You and your locks are beautiful!

Chosen Vessel said...


I am glad you found the video helpful. It is amazing the amount of resources out there for locks, it's great. Thank you for the compliments and you and your locks are beautiful as well.

cheleskilove said...

wow, this website is off the hook! I love her vibe! thanks for opening up a whole 'nother community of sister locks

Chosen Vessel said...


I am glad the website was helpful to you :)

Chosen Vessel said...

This video was very helpful to me. I can't wash my hair at the sink, but it really helped to see how to wash your hair in a way that you truly clean your locks. The first thing I realized when I got my locks was that the washing process would take longer because you really have to scrub the locks and the scalp. Carole's video took my logic a step further.

Sony said...

This is awesome..I was worried about this particular aspect of getting locked. I appreciate you posting this. Thanks.

Chosen Vessel said...


I am glad the video was helpful.

Anonymous said...

This is Carole! Thank you, so much for your compliments on the videos! I did them on a whim. I have recently been asked to put together a more professional video of "How-to's", so that task is "in the works".
I am writing to ask for your attention to my latest project. I wrote a piece called "My Song" and I recently performed that piece at a poetry event here in CO. I would like to hear your opinion on it. Please check it out at the following blog site: http://coilsncurls.com/blog/?cat=4

Both the "LIVE" performance and the more intimate version is posted there. I can't say which one to watch first (maybe the more intimate one). But either way, your attention and feedback will mean the world to me!
Thanks in advance. ~Carole
PS: I love the name Chosen Vessel. Deep, Girl - Deep!

Chosen Vessel said...


OMGosh, I was near tears watching this video because I was there, wanting to lighten my skin and have "white hair" but I thank God for setting me free!!!! Thank you for sharing this video with me, I will post this on my blog and share it with the LockitUp group because every Black girl, woman, boy, and man need to see this video. Our culture is so brain washed and some don't even know it. The thing that tugged at my heart the most is when the little girls & boy continued to choose the white doll and actually said that it was better and black was bad. And when the little girl was asked which one looks like you and she hesistated to put the black doll forward, oh, ((((Tears)))) my heart just cried out, help our children Lord! Allow them to see themselves how You see them, beautiful and wonderfully made.

Keep doing what you are doing Sis.... God bless, Chosen Vessel

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Wonderful, I think any information to help properly do something is outstanding. Especially when it is short, to the point, and visual.

Sis. RJQueen10