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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Disturbing News......Please Read......Pass on to everyone you know!!!!!!

The Golden Compass

You may already know about this, but I just learned about a kids moviecoming out in December starring Nicole Kidman. It's called The GoldenCompass, and while it will be a watered down version, it is based on aseries of children's books about killing God (It is the anti-Narnia). It is written by Phillip Pullman, a proud atheist who belongs toseculiar Humanist societies.

Please follow this link, and then pass it on. From what I understand,the hope is to get alot of kids to see the movie - which won't seem toobad - and then get the parents to buy the books for their kids forChristmas. The quotes from the author sum it all up.

Click here: http://snopes.com/politics/religion/compass.asp

The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy.

Please pass on to everyone you know!


sunsail said...

You know, i read the trilogy a couple years ago, and I loved it! I did not get the anti God sentiment AT ALL. Maybe i will have to re-read, looking for that. Sometimes, though, I think grown ups over think things. Harry Potter as God, now this. As long as your internal compass is aligned to the TRUE NORTH, if you know what I mean, you should be able to read and see things, enjoy them for what they are, and dismiss them. Now, I'm not talking about burning crosses and all that mess... to each their own, i guess.

Chosen Vessel said...


I respect your opinion but I totally disagree...if you click on the link and read all of the information on the page it is very clear his work is Anti-God (books and upcoming movie), he has been quoted saying, "my books are about killing God."

I also believe that in the world we live in we need to over think things, especially if we have children, otherwise we will let books and movies like this one influence our children in ways that are dangerous. We have to be ready at all times to refute books, movies and anything else that pose a threat to our children.

I hope that this will stir up in you a desire to go back and read the books again, with this information you have now in mind and maybe you will be able to see what he is doing. It does make a point to say that it is subtle, so if you were not looking for it you may not have seen it.

Those that have an ear let him hear.

muslimahlocs said...

i have heard much about this within my circle of friends and social networks. this is indeed horrible. i would not waste my time with the books or the movie.