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Monday, March 31, 2008

"Lock Product Do's and Don'ts"

I have been meaning to do this post for a long time. On July 15 of this year I will be locked for 5 years (WOW).....It is hard to believe :) In the past few years I have been experimenting with various products to find the perfect ones for my locks, so I hope that this post is helpful. Hair products are very expensive so maybe this will help prevent some of you from purchasing a product that does not work for locks. In addition, I appreciate your input so that I can save money as well (smile).

Shea Butter Hair Lotion
This hair lotion is good. It does take some time to work into your locks, but once you do that, it adds a softness to the locks and it smells great:

Sulfur 8 Braid and Lock Spray
This fights dandruff and works well. Just to let you know, it doesn't have the same smell as the Sulfur 8 grease, so don't worry: Fantasia 100% Pure Tea Shampoo
I lovvvveeee this shampoo. It is light on the locks, but it cleans the locks really well. It also has a nice smell. One thing I have to have is nice smelling locks:

Tui Jojoba and Shea Butter Hair Shine
Another product that I absolutely LOVE! This gives your locks a nice shine, without looking or feeling greasy and once again, the smell is DIVINE. http://www.carolsdaughter.com/

Tui Hair Oil (Carol's Daughter)
Another Carol's Daughter product that I like. It is good for when your locks are really dry, I use it alot in the summer or sometimes just to give my locks a BOOST:Lock Butter (Carol's Daughter)
This product is a good substitute for hair grease, instead of using grease, this is a nice light grease-like lock product that can give the scalp a nice condition (Just be careful to not over do it, because it will look greasy):
Khoret Amen Hair Oil (Carol's Daughter)
I like this product for the same reason that I like the Tui Hair Oil, but I don't use it as much because I do not like the smell of it, neither does my DH.

Pantene (For Women of Color) Shampoo
I did not like this at all. It gives a nice lather and does clean the locks well but it is so thick that it takes forever to wash it out of your locks:

Pantene (Women of Color) Conditioner
I do not like the Conditioner for the same reason I don't like the Shampoo:

Tui Hair Leave-in Conditioner (Carol's Daughter)
I did not really like this product. One, it is too watery. Two, because I have so much hair I had to use a lot and it is pretty pricey. Third, it makes the hair so wet that the amount of time it takes to dry my hair almost doubles. I air dry my hair because I don't like using heat on it, so it is critical that my hair drys overnight, but with this after 12+ hours, my hair was still drenching wet:

Tui Hair Shampoo (Carol's Daughter)
I don't like this product at all. It was a waste of money. One, it is very expensive. Two, once again it is watery. Three, I have to use so much because of all of my hair, that by the time I am done washing my hair, it is time to purchase another bottle. Finally, it doesn't clean the locks well:

Healthy Hair Butter (Carol's Daughter)
This is definitely a product that is not good for locks. It is too thick and it is hard to get out of the locks. Also, it flakes up once the cream dries:
Organic Root Stimulator (Carrot Oil)
This product I used for the purpose of trying to stimulate my hair line because it is still thin, but it did not work at all and if you put it all over the locks, it takes forever to rub in:


Mimosa Hair Honey (Carol's Daughter)

Hair Milk (Carol's Daughter)

Tui Hair Smoothie (Carol's Daughter)

Jojoba Hair Oil (Komaza)

Coconut Hair Milk (Komaza)

Hair Nourishment Oil (Komaza) - Does this work to restore the hair line???

Fertilizing Temple Balm (DOES THIS WORK TO RESTORE HAIR LINES????)



~jaiDalon~ said...

The Mimosa Hair Honey is wonderful! I use it after I wash- just a little on the locks not the sclap. It gives my hair a nice shine and smells yummy! I also use the sulfur 8 locks and braids oil not the spray on my scalp and it feels great and doesn't flake or leave a residue! Thanks for the tips!

Allecia said...

Wow! You have tried a lot of products. I'm definitely going to pick up some of these that add shine. What a great review (especially all of the dont's).

NappTown said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for this post. Very informative!

Shanessence said...

Thanks for the reviews! I have tried the hair nourishment oil, and although I don't have thinning hair, I would say that it works similar to the Tui Jojoba Shine oil from CD that you like so much, except that it's super stimulating to the scalp, moisturizing perfectly without being greasy and weighing your hair down. It does have a rather strong herbal scent from the peppermint and rosemary oils, but after a few hours it begins to go away. I'd say try it. I too love Komaza Care's products, the shampoo as well as the shea butter lotion when my locks are very dry. They also used to have a lovely lotion that was perfect for my dry skin, but unfortunately it was discontinued. Thanks again for this posting!

SistaLocd said...

You have several products on your list that I want to try and have tried!
The ones I have tried!
Tui Leave in hair conditioner. I kind of like it, it does freshen my locks up a bit and I love the smell. I purchased the Satuday Morning Special because it had a few things that I wanted to try. I fell in love with the Black Vanilla Leave in Conditioner, it smells heavenly and it also freshens my locks up. I like it more than the tui leave in. I also love the Tui Hair Oil I use it sparingly. ALso on my good side is the Rosemary mint Shamppoo it makes my scalp feel clean now if its actually doing the job I guess I will never know because I wash my hair with more than one shampoo! Now for the hair milk I have only used it once and I also used that sparingly I really can't comment on that maybe next time. As for the healthy hair butter I also can't comment because I used it as a conditioner because I remembered Tra's comments on your prevuious post! I havent touched the pomade because I don't think I will need it. I also use the Fantasia shampoo and I love it!Wheww that was a lot!
Now for the products that I want to try,lol! I also want to try the Mimosa Hair Honey, Tui Hair Smoothie, and Komaza Nourishemnt Hair Oil. I need hlep with my hair line as well! Have you ever heard of GLover's Dandruff Control Medicine? I have used this in the past and almost forgot about it up until 2 weeks ago. Back in permed days I used to mix it in with vaseline but since vaseline is a no no with locks I just massage it on my scalp every few days. The smell isn't that great but I am desperate at this point.It has worked for me before as of now it is still to early to tell but I will keep you updated. It's mostly sulfur I heard sulfur is good at stimulating hair growth. I I hope people respond to what works for thinning hair I sure could use it! Okay I left more than enough comments. I probably should do my own product review! Lol! THanks for the review. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this post is a bit late

I use to use the Hair Milk faithfully when my hair was loose. I used it daily in the shower. After awhile I started to breakout. May not have been the hair milk but the breakout went away when I stopped using it (lol). Could have been just too much going on with the hair milk and other stuff. I personally would not use this on my locks...I think it feels kind of oily which was fine for my loose hair but not my locks.

I have to agree about the Tui Shampoo. I have some and I tend to use more like a rinse thana shampoo...it definitely does not clean my locks well at all and I have use TOOO Much!

Anonymous said...

I tried the fertizling temple balm when I was a permie...it did grow back the hair that fell out along my temple area...in fact I still have it....just sitting in my basket in the hallway..

Neci Baby said...

Thanks for posting this; it is very helpful!

Maryee said...

I may have to link this in a couple of places. Thanks for sharing, Sis!

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Thanks Jaidalon, I am going to order some this week. I also plan on trying the Sulfur Oil, because if the spray works as well as it does, I can imagine how good the oil works :)

Thanks for your input Allecia, Napptown, Shanessence..

Sistaloc'd- No I have not tried the Glover's, but I will say, the Organic Root Stimulator temple balm is working well. I am making good progress. Enough of my hair grew back so that when I got my retigtening Saturday my loctician was able to add the hair, hallelujah!!! I am going to keep using it until it fully grows back.

Tra- once again I am going to listen to you, I will hold off on trying the Hair Milk. I appreciate it and my wallent appreciates it even more (smile).

Cherie- Thanks sis, you are so right about the Temple Balm...it is DA BOMB!!!!! (he,he).

Nece Baby and Maryee- you are very welcome.

I will be doing an udpate on this one, because I have learned some new stuff :)