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Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Spotlight" by Abena


Look what I found!!!!! I have been searching high and low for something comfortable, cute, satin, and fits all of my hair to sleep in and I finally found the perfect item; It is called "The Goddess Hair Pouch." I actually found it by accident, I was in Empire Beauty Supply looking for hair color (yes I have finally decided to color my locks but I will do a seperate post on that) and I looked over along the wall and saw this wonderful product. I was so excited!!!
I just bought it today and wore it around the house and it is perfect. It was only $5.99. I am kicking myself because I only purchased one because I was not sure if it was going to work but it did. Unfortunately where I purchased it is an hour away from my house so I will be making a trip next weekend and hopefully they will still have more so that I can stock up. I should have followed my instincts and purchased more than one, I always do that and then when I return to purchase more of the products they have run out or discontinued it (Am I the only one this happens to???), I guess that is the cost you pay for being FRUGILE :) Hopefully, I will be more fortunate and when I return I can purchase a few more.


Brown ButtahFly said...

What a great find, it's cute and convenient.
Don't forget to stock up next time, lol.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Yes indeed, oh girl I will probably purchase at least 3 more :)

L. Boyd said...

Hi Abena, I really love reading your blog! It is very inspirational and informative. You are truely a blessing to so many people! Just in case you cannot find the Goddess Pouch at the stores, you can order online whenever you like. The pouch cost a little more, but well worth the convenience. The website is http://www.thehandyco.com/FORMgallery1.htm
Sincerely L. Boyd

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

L.Boyd- Thank you so much for your kinds words, it warms my heart to know that people are being blessed :) Thanks for the information.

Sunny said...

Wow! That's so pretty. Where can I pick one up in Canada? Thanks. ;)

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Sunny- I am sorry, I don't know :( But if you do a google search I am sure you can order them online.