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Saturday, April 25, 2009

"Approaching my 6 Year Lockversary"

Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I can't believe I am approaching my 6 year mark in July (WOW)!!! My hair has grown so much it is amazing even too me to see. I hope you are all well and I look forward to posting my lock pictures for my 6 year lockversary.
Be blessed!


Felicia said...

I know that you must be busy, especially if you have a new puppy, but I really missed your blogs on hair and ministry. May God continue to bless you and you family.

NappTown said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see the pics. You and your hair always look amazing! Many continued blessings :-)

Docs Locs said...

Has another year nearly rolled around again? Congrats!


sunsail said...

Yay! Please post soon!

Moosiko said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see pics.

Happiest Nappy said...

6 years? I can't wait to see the pictures! Hope all is well.

Docs Locs said...

Hi Abena,
I'm happy to tell you that I have chosen you for the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Go to:

cheleski said...