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Monday, December 27, 2010

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil vs. Proclaim Natural 7 Essential Oil

I have been a Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil fan since I have had my locks (2003), but it is getting too expensive to spend $18.00 a bottle (8 oz) for hair oil.  It works well and it does smell divine but I have been on a hunt to, one find an oil that is less expensive and two, an oil I can purchase locally, that is natural, smells good, and does not leave my locks oily. 

I found the Proclaim Natural 7 Essential Oil and it is working out nicely.  I purchased it at Sally Beauty for $3.79 (8 oz), it smells good and does not leave my locks oily!! YEAH!! Ladies we love our locks to smell good right.  I wanted to know if anyone has used this product?  What is your review of the product?  Is there an oil you use that you purchase at your local beauty supply that you like?  Thanks for your input.


anthia-ofo said...

I recently bought Africa's best ultimate herbal oil with ginseng. It's cheap and contains a lot of good stuff too numerous to mention. I'm not a fan of soy - the only ingredient I didn't like, but I've made an exception on this one.

paula said...

I use the Shea Moisture Hair & Scalp Serum on damp or dry hair. It smells heavenly.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

@Anthia-Ofo- Is thie product available in the beauty supply store?

Paula- Who makes this product? Can it be purchased in the beauty supply store?

Thanks Ladies!

paula said...

Hi Abena,

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope you're having a blessed time.

The company is Shea Moisture and the product is Hair & Scalp Serum. You can buy it online. Google it up or you can try www.treasuredlocks.com in the Moisturizers, Oils and Gels section.

Hope this helps.




I have found several products that work well with loc's check out my blog,and leave a comment. Always nice to here another sista's view.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

I continue to keep it simple. I use sweet almond oil mixed with jojoba oil, rose water, gycerin, tea tree oil, pepermint oil and rosemary oil. I use it after I shampoo and condish.