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Friday, April 6, 2007


How Jesus Might Look Back at the Cross
Reverend Austin Miles www.crosswalk.com

The world today is in chaos. There are no restraints in human conduct. Absolute values have long been abolished. Good is considered evil, and evil is considered good. And never has The Cross been more offensive to society than it is today. Sin abounds. Any mention of the name Jesus Christ brings contempt and ridicule. His name is blasphemed and many public displays of Christianity have been declared illegal, while at the same time, pagan religions are readily endorsed and encouraged. Seeing all of this, would Jesus have second thoughts about Calvary? How would He look back on his sacrifice
today? Think about it.

Prayerfully pondering these questions, this writer speculates what
Jesus might say to us today as He looks back to the Cross:

... But beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is
with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
Our time reference is much different in Heaven than it is on earth.
If you were to be with us in Heaven, you would see an entire life
spin out from birth to death in a matter of seconds.

This is why coming to earth to face Calvary's Cross was the greatest
challenge I have had to face during my existence. First I had to come
under the earth's time system of seconds, minutes, hours, weeks,
months and years.

Even more challenging was agreeing to inhabit an earthly human body
with its inherited sinful nature. A body that would feel the
driftings and currents of the world as well as the pain.
And it may surprise you to learn that I had to exercise extreme faith
to go through with this.

Remember, I began my sacrificial life on earth as a baby... a new
birth on earth. As a baby I had to be fed, bathed, and diapered like
any other baby. I had to learn to take my first steps, learn to
understand and speak words, and, experience the growing pains of

The time passes slowly for young people and soon there was such a
feeling of distance between where I was at that time, and my time in
Heaven with my Father, that it almost seemed a memory that may or may
not have actually been.

And while instinctively I wanted to be about my Father's business,
the Jews in the synagogues would curtly ask, 'Who is this boy who
asks such questions? Isn't this Joseph the carpenter's son?'
I eventually faced the appointed day... a day where I would take on
all the sins of mankind
, a day where I would (in a human body) die a
disgraceful, excruciatingly painful death while the Roman soldiers
ridiculed me and religious leaders mocked in the distance.
And yet, this was the only way that mankind could be redeemed, saved by Grace, and reconciled to God. Without this sacrifice, all would perish, which had been Satan's plan since the Garden of Eden.

My human body was capable of the same temptations and stress as
yours. This is why that in the Garden of Gethsemane, knowing what I
faced the next day, I sweated great drops of blood. And yes, at one
point (giving into the body I inhabited), I cried out: 'Abba, Father,
all things are possible unto thee; take this cup from me...
nevertheless, not what I will, but what Thou wilt.'

The reality of what I faced was now before me. The unspeakable pain.
Having to endure all the sins of mankind in my body... having to be
taken to hell and back, to be ridiculed and to have one of my own
disciples betray me... for money.

I had to call on every ounce of faith I possessed to go through with
this. But I had no choice. The world itself was at stake. And my love
of mankind was such that I would have none perish.

As my Father promised me, and, as explicitly detailed throughout the
prophecies, the entire event went exactly as foretold, ending in
great victory. Lucifer suffered his greatest defeat as the keys of
death were snatched from his hands.

Death was conquered, giving instead, to all who believe in Me,
everlasting life with me in Paradise.

Looking at the world today... a world filled with violence, chaos,
sin, unspeakable crimes against humanity... and even seeing those who
call themselves My servants cutting down each other and distorting my
Word, one could well ask, 'Was it all worth it? If you could go back,
would you go through the crucifixion again?'

Yes I would. I would go through the whole thing for any ONE of you here. That is how much I love you.

When you join me in Heaven, you will understand why I would want to
share this Paradise with you. Heaven (you will see) is filled with
exquisite peace and joy, and a place where you will inhabit perfect
heavenly bodies... bodies free from aches, pains and disease.
On second thought, let me clarify something. There will be one
imperfect body in Heaven. And every time you see the nail holes in my
hands and feet, and the scar in my side, you will be constantly
reminded of how much I love you. And let me add, it was all worth it.
So come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will
give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek
and lowly in heart; and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my
yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Remember, Jesus died for all of humanity and He still lives today in those who have accepted and received Him as their Lord and Savior. If you would like the assurance of Heaven please invite Jesus into your heart right now; Pray this prayer with me right now:

Father, I come to You just as I am. There is nothing I can do to earn salvation I cannot work my way into a right relationship with You. The Bible says that we are saved by grace through faith as a gift from You. I confess that I have sinned against You and others. I ask You to forgive me and wash me clean with the precious, life-giving blood of Jesus Christ, Your Son. I believe that He died for me—He took my sin upon Himself and died on the cross for me. And I believe that He was raised from the dead, giving me power over the enemy. Jesus, I ask You to come live inside of me. I don't understand everything about being a Christian, but I invite You into my life to help me learn daily how I am to live. Thank You, Father, for Your gift of restoration and eternal life. I am so grateful for Your love and mercy. In Jesus' name, amen.

Welcome to the family of God. On my website you will find resources that can get you connected with a local church in your area and help you start your relationship with Jesus. You are welcome to email me at any time!

Warmly, Chosen Vessel
Email: hischosenvesselministry2005@yahoo.com
Rev. Austin Miles, an interdenominational chaplain based in Northern
California, is an award-winning writer and author. He was a writer,
researcher and technical consultant for the multi-award winning TV
series, Ancient Secrets of The Bible, which originally aired on CBS
TV. He can be reached at: chaplainmiles@aol.com

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Anonymous said...

Such a time to stop and thank Jesus for his ever saving grace. To think about all He did for us makes me rethink what I can do for him. I appreciate your message and it was heartfelt. Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday because he lives !


Chosen Vessel said...

Amen...and God bless you Sonia :)

cheleskilove said...


cheleskilove said...

oh , the thought of every single lash he took, every nail that pierced his flesh I want to cry.
He who began a GOOD thing will not cease untill it is complete.
for every single vile, sin he knew WE WOULD CHOOSE to commit he had to be ripped apart. every lash, stood for every sin that those he foreknew would take on. My God.
Then, it was FINISHED.

Question for ya..a bit of trivia..who took Jesus down from the cross and placed him in the tomb. It was my devotional this morning. Have a blessed weekend.In spite of the foot of snow(yes again). My spirit rejoices for HIM.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Dear Chosen,

Thank you for your boldness in Jesus Christ. Today is/was an excellent day. Of course our church was overflowing with people who don't come to church often. But these people have enough respect for Jesus to know of all days this is one day they need to come to His house and hear a Word from Him. So I welcomed their presence and I tried to help make them feel comfortable enough to want to come back again. God is good!

Our Sermon today was on a familiar passage 1 Corinthians 15:3-8. When I first heard this sermon at our church either two or three years ago, the most amazing part of this scripture was how over 500 people at the same time witnessed the risen Christ. This statement alone eliminates any doubt of the possibilities of Christ rising from the dead. He IS risen! There were so many people who could verify this TRUTH! Why would over 500 people lye about the exact same thing?

Well what I learned this Resurrection Sunday is Jesus Keeps on Hanging Around. He showed Himself to Cephas, better known as Peter. He restored the most broken, vulnerable person first. Then he showed Himself to the 12 disciples, they shared intimate relationships with Jesus and yet could not prevent his death on the cross nor die on the cross with Him. I am sure His resurrection offered renewed faith and hope to them. Then it was like Jesus was on tour, because over 500 Christians saw Jesus at the same time. He showed Himself to His brother James, who was more probable to have been among those who rejected Jesus when Jesus went to His hometown to minister, heal, and deliver. James, upon witnessing Jesus' death upon the cross, probably thought to himself, Wow, Jesus IS REAL! Here Jesus is dying on this cross yet He is still being consistent to His ministry of love and forgiveness He preached about all His life. James probably felt devastated to find truth in Jesus at the last minute, right before Jesus' death. Too late? No, Jesus hung around long enough to let James know he is forgiven. Then Jesus showed Himself to the rest of the apostles.

Yet, the most significant, powerful, and amazing sighting of the risen Jesus, is by Paul himself. Paul is a symbol for all of us today that it is NOT too late to get to know JESUS! Paul did not know Jesus while Jesus was alive. Paul came to BELIEVE after Jesus' death. Paul formerly known as Saul is a true symbol the God is a God of second chances.

So I pray, in Jesus' mighty and anointed name, if anyone out there who does not know Jesus. Come home. If there is anyone out there who knows of Jesus and turn their back on Him and returned to the world's way of sinful living. Come home. God is a forgiving, loving, kind, just God and He wants us all to come home to His Kingdom. Amen!

Sis. RJQueen10

Aya said...

I appreciate so much what you bring to this site. God is using you in mighty way. Praise God, He is risen, indeed!!!!!!