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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I hope my fellow blogger and Sisterlock family member Brunsli does not mind me snabbing this from her blog but I wanted to give Kiri some love also. Please vote, vote, vote, this girl deserves to win, the video is POW-ER-FUL!!!! Below is the message Brunsli posted regarding voting for Kiri:

A girl like her ... deserves a scholarship (updated)
Kiri Davis was in third place and far behind on April 6 when I originally posted this. Now she's a close second. Please take a moment to vote for her again today, tomorrow, and the next day. (Thanks for the update Sunsail!)

Remember Kiri Davis's short film called "A Girl Like Me" that everyone was talking about last fall? (See the video in my Sisterlock information section of this blog). Well, CosmoGirl.com is having a scholarship contest for teen filmmakers, and Ms. Davis is a contestant.
and vote for her! You can vote once a day.

I never would have guessed I'd be promoting anything related to Cosmo on my blog!


brunsli said...

She's in first place by 348. Vote vote vote!

Chosen Vessel said...

AWESOME!!!! I plan on voting everyday! Thanks Brunsli.