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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


NEW ONLINE MAGAZINE TARGETS AFRICAN AMERICAN CHRISTIAN WOMEN: Dianna Hobbs' 'Empowering Everyday Women' aiming to become the Christian alternative to secular magazines.
(July 11, 2007)

Long gone are the days when African American Christian women and black women in general, sit back and passively wait for their next big break.

They are forging their own entrepreneurial paths and quickly emerging as forces to be reckoned with. "They are speaking out and paving their own paths in record numbers," says Dianna Hobbs, 30-year-old African American Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine. African American Christian Women are everywhere, starting businesses, occupying executive-level positions, and launching successful international ministries. Still, in light of all their major contributions, things are not, by any means, being handed to them on silver platters.

"We have to work harder, think faster, and be more agile than the majority," says Hobbs, also Vice President of Hobbs Ministries, a Christian copywriting firm.

Consequently, in order to create inroads for themselves, a trend is emerging among women of color. Through advanced technology, social media, and online communities, they are networking, creating viable connections, and opening up opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. Empowering Everyday Women Online Magazine provides a Christian alternative to secular magazines. It is an advertiser-supported site and is free and open to women worldwide, regardless of race, religion, culture and creed.

Visit the site at http://www.eewmagazine.com/.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for including the link to this magazine...I skimmed it and it has wonderful information that is hands on and a very easy read...

Chosen Vessel said...

You are welcome :)