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Saturday, August 18, 2007

"My Carol's Daughter Order"

I just recently placed an order to refresh the products I use from Carol's Daughter. Below are the products that I use religiously for my hair from Carol's Daughter. It is hard to find good products for my hair type because one I have very thick hair, two my hair just holds onto oil, three, I need my hair to feel SUPER clean and four I love my hair to smell good.

Carol's Daughter Tui Hair products have met every last one of my needs. The oils/hair sheens are light, not oily, and they smell divine; the shampoo lathers and cleans pretty good and of course it also smells divine; finally, the leave-in conditioner provides a softness to my locks. I just wanted to share some of my hair regime info with you all, especially for those of you who are searching for some good product choices.

*An added bonus is that Carol's Daughters products are all natural.

Tui Herbal Shampoo

Tui Leave-In Conditioner

Tui Jojoba & Shea Butter Hair Sheen Tui Hair Oil

Note: Carol's Daughter is not the only hair products I use, just apart of my top "3." I did an earlier post a few months back highlighting some other products I use.


still waters said...

Hey Chosen

I dont know if you could shed some light on this for me but I have used the shampoo and I can barely get two good shampoos from a bottle. I am happy with the CD products I have used & as always thanks for sharing (:

one love still

Goodnapps said...

I have heard good things from this family of CD products. Your hair is definitely reaping the rewards.

Where are you finding all these beautiful works of art? My they are so gorgeous.

Chosen Vessel said...

Still Waters- I started using a spray bottle so that I could get the shampoo right to my scalp and throughout my hair. Because the shampoo is so watery, when I first started using it, it was hard to get it throughout my hair by using my hands, but the spray bottle seems to work. If you are already using a spray bottle, then you may want to order more concentrated shampoo. I hope this helps.

Tanya- Thanks Tanya. I get the art from all over the place, through other peoples site or just simply searching African/African-American art through google. The specific lock ones I got on one of our locked sisters myspace.

Moosiko said...

I used to use Carol's Daughter products faithfully when I had my traditional locks. The products never left my hair dry and always left my hair smelling great. I will use her products again once my locks mature past 6 months.

BTW- Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, we are organizing neighbors as of this summer to make sure that our neighborhood does not continue to go down.

Chosen Vessel said...

I wish we had a store where I live, but it is a blessing to be able to order online until we get a store here.

Goodluck with the neighborhood :)