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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

SISTERLOCKS- Keeping It Natural Not Nappy!

Sisterlocks - Keeping it Natural Not Nappy

HeadedBy: Priscilla ParhamHairstyles come and go. Over the decades we have seen big hair, flat hair and moussed hair. Our hairstyles have been fried, dyed and slicked to the side. What does it take for an African American women to go completely natural? Contrary to popular belief, going natural does not mean going nappy.Going natural for most means a lifestyle change and not simply a short-term hairdo. With the societal brainwashing of straight hair being best; even worse the negative stereotypes of kinky hair being "bad hair," often times black women are raised not knowing how to properly care for their own natural hair.

There are a number of natural hairstyles one can choose, from afros to cornrows, twists or dredlocs just to name a few, but Sisterlocks is the best at offering freedom and versatility. Sisterlocks use a special locking technique with natural hair. In appearance, they look similar to what could be called very neat micro-dreadlocks.

Listed below are 5 distinct characteristics normally found in women eager to go natural. Women willing to side step commonly accepted views of beauty as reported by U.S. media markets and sometimes even black society itself.

Characteristic 1 - TrailBlazer. She often blazes new pathways, loves to initiate and to do. This self-starter is frequently the one to get something off the ground.

Characteristic 2 - Honest. She tends to be direct and honest with people. If you really don't want to know the answer, then don't ask this audacious woman.

Characteristic 3 - Fearless. When the world is telling her, "You are too thick, too ugly, too dark, too outspoken and nappy-headed, she completely ignores them and continues forward. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She defines her own beauty.

Characteristic 4 - Earthy Mother. She is usually juggling three or four balls in the air and not dropping a one. You will find her raising her children or someone elses' kids; taking good care of her household; she is middle or upper management at the office; and of course there is a business or hobby on the side. Where does she find time for herself? Her hair is the least of her worries, she requires it to be healthy, neat, clean, and stylish.

Characteristic 5 - Decisive. She knows what she wants. Sisterlocks are a permanent hairstyle not a fad. They require nurturing, a skilled stylist and patience to get started. This woman is committed and in it for the long haul. African American women are the luckiest when it comes to the availability of hairstyles, because of their unique hair type and texture there is a veritable buffet of choices. You can go to sisterlocks.com for more information on the history of sisterlocks or to find a stylist near you.Rejoice in your uniqueness and beauty, You Go Girl!

Copyright (c) 2007 Priscilla ParhamArticle Source: ABC Article Directory For more thought provoking and informative articles and audios by Priscilla Parham visit freeiq.com/priscillaparham . Priscilla coaches on awareness and goal setting for your health, your business and your relationships, motivating others to rebuild from the inside-out.



~malaikablu~ said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog spot! I look forward to reading through your journey.
I agree with all 5 of the characteristics! Great point!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that out of the choices I would have to say that I am Honest.

Sis, Where are your 4 years pictures? I have been waiting on them!!!!!

Chosen Vessel said...

Thanks Malaikablu and Cherie:

*Wow, I would definitely say I am 1, 2, 3 and 5.

Maryee said...

1,2,3,5 :-)

Chosen Vessel said...

Ok, Maryee, I feel ya....:)