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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Spotlight" by Abena {Your thoughts on this video}


LadyButterfly said...

This is a sad, yet true example of the ever so very ignorant thoughts that have lingered from slavery that is still pitifully infested in the minds of some people. Much prayer~ Hopefully one day Tyra will have some Sisterlocked sisters on her set. I also feel that young lady that represented natural hair did an outstanding job in what she said and expressed
Lady Butterfly

Zyhone said...

The crazy thing about all of this is that black males take on the same mindset and end up abusing black women emotionally, because of the texture of their hair. Some may even go outside of thier race for the same reason; they have seen their mothers and sisters struggle with the European mindset.

Some people have permed so long, that they forget that the texture that is worn after perming is not their natural hair. It is said. The creamy crack syndrome has defined us so bad. Now Africans are taking on the same mindset and having issues with perm wearers thinking they are better, because they have altered the hairs texture.