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Monday, February 15, 2010

"Breaking News" Chosen Vessel almost cut her Sisterlocks off!! YIKES!!!

Photo taken: 2/14/2010 (6 Years and 7 months locked)

Ok ladies, the news that I was talking about with my Sisterlocks was I was going to get them cut off and start wearing my hair natural (TWA). Why, because I am a ZEALOT!!! and thank God for my husband who sat down and had a longggg talk with me (gave me the reasons why I should keep my locks). He said your hair is SO beautiful and I don't want you to cut it but if you decide to after this talk I will support you. Thank God for that MAN because I know I would have regreted it.

Why am I still sharing this with all of you? I could have made the decision and not shared it with any of you and you would not have ever known that I was considering cutting my locks but I am posting this because I hope that it helps someone who may be considering cutting their locks. Please, please, please do not make a decision until you have weighed the pros and cons, prayed about it, and intensly considered the alternatives.

Cons for my hair: (Hence the reasons why I was considering the BIG CHOP)

1. Friz, FRIZ, and MORE FRIZ...as you can see, I hate the friz but you know what I can learn to live with it. I have also been researching products that may help with this.

2. Length- it sometimes gets in the way, but once again, I can live with this. I actually ALWAYS wanted long hair, so I don't know WHAT my problem is...SMH....

3. Patches of new growth in between locks even after a retightening. NOW this gets on my NERVES!!!!! BUT...I am going to work with my Locktician to hopefuly resolve this issue, if not, oh well, my hair is not going to be perfect even though I am so anal that I want it to be :( JUST BEING REAL...LOL

Pros for my hair:
1. Easy maintenance.
2. Healthy.
3. Great growth.
4. Fits me and my personality.
6. Inexpensive.
7. Easy to manage.
8. My husband LOVES it!!!
9. It is natural, no chemicals.
10.I can style it various ways (I just haven't tried many yet, but I will..stay tuned for a post entitled "Sisterlock Hair Show"
11. I love my Loctician.
and on and on and on...when I think about all of this I know I would have regretted cutting my locks....did I already say, I would have regretted it?

In summary:

My husband reminded me of all of the things I HATED about my permed hair, getting braids, natural hair, pony tails, etc. and I SNAPPED out of it quickly. My Sisterlock pilgrimage has been almost, PERFECT, now who could ask for anything more. I think I just got bored and wanted a big change but now I am learning to fall in love with my locks again AND I am going to take them to ANOTHER level by researching more product options, hair jewelry, hair accessories, and maybe even color so all is well with Chosen Vessel and her locks.

I hope this post was helpful and thank you ladies for all of your support over the years and thank you for following my blog and going on this journey with me, I truly appreciate it.

P.S. One more thing, I was in the beauty supply looking for products to prepare for cutting my locks and I struck up a conversation with an AA lady who still has a perm but trying to transition to natural hair and when I told her that I was going to cut my locks she said LOUDLY..ARE YOU CRAZY!!! Your hair is beautiful....then she said all of us Sista's trying to get that length and you are about to cut it...CRAZY...and then she just shook her head and walked to the counter and started telling everyone look at her hair and she is going to cut it...SMH...ok....OK!!!


Felicia said...

Thank God for your husband!!! I certainly understand about getting bored and wanting something different, but you serve as an inspiration to some of us newly-locked sisters who have never seen "our hair" being naturally long and beautiful. So maybe for such a time as this, you're here for not just yourself, but for us.

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Felicia, I agree, I thought about that a lot as well and you were all a strong motivating factor...thanks :) Do you have a blog?

cheleski(Shelll-skeeee) said...

Yup, whenever the pros outweight the Cons, ya gotta go with it. We often forget how much work loose, short hair is. No matter where we are in the journey, to look good and groomed is work! I think you made a great decision. beautiful they are and it's been a pleasure to see them grow cm by cm over the years....that would have hurt a sista!

Anonymous said...

Glad your husband stepped in, your hair looks great. Ignore your perfection issues, no one is ever going to be perfect! lol It's been 4 years and two months for me and sometimes I get the urge to cut them shorter but never off. So far the desire to keep growing is still there. Might cut them down at year 7.
Keep away from the scissors lol


Felicia said...

I do not have a blog, I'm just a lock-blog-stalker!! I am considering having one, I just don't think that I have enough to say to keep up a blog.

dewdrop said...

@Felicia: A picture blog will do just fine. ;-)

@C.V.: Yes, your locks are beautiful and i'm really glad that you chose not to cut them. A year ago I had contemplated taking down my locks and felt the same way you did, but now i'm glad that I kept them. Taking down two locks kind of satisfied my curiosity and urge to have loose napps again. Your husband is very supportive and what I will say is focus on imperfection, not perfection. I strained myself for 1.5 years trying to achieve the perfect locks, but now i've concluded that they will always be imperfect. Once I came to this realization and accepted it for what it was then I finally had peace.

Sogolocs said...

Close call...I am glad you didn't cut. Your beautiful with locks or without, but your locks are gorgeous.My locks go through their fizzy, dry stage too, so I know what your saying there. Truthfully it is hair, and there are going to be things we don't like about it. I like my locks the best though because they don't frustrate me as much as when my hair was relaxed. So, relax and enjoy hair at its best. I am glad you talked with your hubby first.

NubianLockedPrincess said...

I`am so happy you did not cut off your locs! Your blog was one of few, that I use to visit before I locked and after I locked. Your locs are very beautiful and they fit you so well!

I have only been locked 26 months, I have learned the texture of my hair determined the appearance and how my hair locked. Loose curl textures do not have it easy when locking. Like you, I have come to terms with the fly away hairs outside my locs. I was disappointed when I did not get 350 + locs. Yes, I was very disappointed when my locs did not look the way a person with tight coiled hair looked.

The average person does not have any idea how much work it takes to keep your locs healthy and looking good. If you are person who wants picture perfect locs, you have a job ahead of you. I almost cut my locs off 3 times.Your blog and a few locked sistas on the net,gave me the support I needed to stay locked. You are an inspiration to many! We need you around for your continued support!

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Ladies thank you for all of the support and encouraging comments and advice, everyday I keep saying THANK GOD for my husband AND I can't believe I was going to cut my locks..SMH...:)

Ree-C said...

If the length is part of the problem, like with mine, consider cutting it in a style (w/ SLs). I always wanted long hair too, but once I got it & knew it will grow back long again, it wasn't a big deal. I love my cut & since my cut last year, it is growing back so fast. I'm glad you didn't go drastic w/ the big chop. Your hair is beautiful!

anthia-ofo said...

All I can say is I'm really thankful to your hubby for saving your locs. I would be so upset to find they'd met a premature end by a pair of scissors!

Chosen Vessel {Abena} said...

Thanks for the support and encouragement ladies. Now everyday I look in the mirror shaking my head because I can't BELIEVE I was going to cut my locks.