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Wednesday, March 7, 2007


Chosen Vessel's Hair Regimen
Here are the steps to achieving the braid/twist out and my current hair regimen. There are a few people that are still unclear how to obtain a braid/twist out and also who have asks me about my hair regimen, so I thought I would do a post on both since the braid/twist out is my favorite style and my hair regimen is fairly simple. The first thing I want to mention is the difference between the two: Braid-out (you braid your hair all over in individual braids) Twist-out (you twist your hair all over in individual twist)..that's it :) I truly believe that the twist-out is less harsh on the hair so that is why I alternate between the braid and the twist.....but I must admit the braid-out style produces a much tighter wave, which last much longer.
1. I wash my hair with my new favorite shampoo.

2. I towel dry my hair, spray infusium23 in my hair, and then put the Sisterlock Moisterizing treatment cream all over my hair.

3. I wrap a towel around it for about 30-45 minutes.

4. I take the towel off and then I begin to twist/braid in individuals. After I finish a braid/twist I put a teeny-tiny scrunchy on the end so that it will hold the braid/twist. The little scrunchies are better than rubber-bands (less damage to the hair). I found them at the dollar store.

5. I then usually put a scarf over my hair for the day so that my hair is not in my face all day.

6. I usually wash my hair in the late afternoon and then sleep on it. Sometimes I cover it up with a "satin sleep cap" that I purchased from WalMart, but usually I leave it uncovered so that it can dry.

7. When I get up I take the braids/twist out.

8. To style it, I put a little "Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil" on my hands and rub it through my locks and then I am all done. (Note-you only need a little bit of the oil)

9. The finished product: the first photo is a twist-out (43 months locked) and the second photo is a braid-out (43 months locked)


Goodnapps said...

You've definitely got it going on.
Even your set looks cute as a style.

Chocolata said...

Both styles look nice but the braid out is definitely more defined. Nice!

Chosen Vessel said...

Oh Tanya, you are to kind, you are making me blush :)

Chocolata- Thanks...and I agree :)

Goodnapps said...

You know I was thinking if you haven't tried it already how you can really stretch and work this hairstyle every 2-3 days by doing the following:

- Wear you big twists as a style for 2-3 days
- Pin up all of the big twists for a nice updo
- unpin some of the back and let it hang loose with some of the
front still pinned up
-unpin and untwist the whole thing for you "traditional" twist out look
-cap it off in an updo with a hairtie

If you are too shy for step 1 even starting with step 2 will look great.

Take photos please!! I can't wait to see.

Sis. RJQueen10 said...

Wow! The results are outstandingly (I mihgt have made that word up, forgive me)beautiful! I can see the braid out more in the pictures, so it is my favorite of the two. Thanks for showing the versitility of Sisterlocks. Your hair is lovely.

Now, you know I have to do what I do and go read your blog from beginning to end. That way I will not ask you questions you already answered.

I thank God, for His "Choosen Vessel"

Sis. RJQueen10

Quietspirit said...

What a nice detailed post. I agree with goodnapps, you should try wearing the braids or twists for a couple of days. When I take the time to do it braid/twist out I often wear them for a couple of days as a hair style and have gotten compliments. You look good with it braided and loose.

Mel said...

I also agree with Goodnapps - the twists look great too! When I had my retightening done at the weekend my hairdresser was wearing her SL's in plaits (with a view to taking them out that evening); she had little silver clips on a few of them.

still waters said...


Thanks for this post! very informative and I think when I can I will try some of that oil, tui. Your hair is always beautiful and 'today' is no different!!

one love still

Chosen Vessel said...

Tanya, Quietspirit, and Mel-
That is a good suggestion, but....I am not sure I have the courage to do that yet, I am still a bit reserved when it comes to trying new styles with my locks, even the up-do was a stretch (smile)...but I will see if I can work it, thanks.

RjQueen- thank you for the compliments and thank you for gracing the pages of my blog :)

Stillwaters- thank you and I think you will love the Tui Oil.

Anonymous said...

Chosen thanks for your hair care regimen. Now one last question ? Do you color your locks, I have heard so many opinions on coloring my head is spinning. I want to do what is best and prevent damage.

Thanks for your support and information


Chosen Vessel said...

Hi Sonia,

Thanks for visiting my blog.....I a glad my hair regime was helpful.

Regarding coloring my locks, no I don't. One of the reasons I got locks is because I did not want anymore chemicals in my hair, just strictly natural, so that is one reason I don't color my locks. I have also heard that depending on your hair texture the hair color can disturb your locks (more bunching, breakage etc). It is definitely a choice that you would have to make. You should talk to your loctician about this and see what he/she suggest.

I don't have gray, so I am not quite sure what I am going to do when I get it in the future, but hopefully they will have a chemical free alternative to dying, if not, I will have to think of another way to cover the gray :)

Shanessence said...

Thanks for posting! I've only been doing braid-outs lately, because I like the defintion it gives, but I'll have to keep the twist-out in mind for a softer look. Nice hair!

On another note, I've finally posted again, and this time I'm asking for some feedback. Check me out!

Chosen Vessel said...


The braid out is actually my favorite because it looks better and lasts longer :)

I will check your blog out.

Creyole said...

Love this post, now you'll have to do a step by step for us each time you get a nice new look!

Chosen Vessel said...


Thanks, and it is good to have you back. Regarding posting a regime after each nice look, well we will have to see about that (((Laughs))).

Anonymous said...

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