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Saturday, February 24, 2007

"I finally found what I have been looking for........."

For a long time I have been searching for the perfect shampoo for my locks and with the help of my Sister-in-Christ and blogging buddy Nappy Ole Me I have fallen in love with FANTASIA HIGH POTENCY (IC) 100% PURE TEA SHAMPOO. The smell is divine and my hair feels so clean and fresh after washing it with the shampoo. I dilute it with water of course (see photo with diluted shampoo in spray bottle), because it is super concentrated. After washing my hair I use the Sisterlock moisture treatment and spray in Infusium23 and then braid my hair all over in individual braids for a braid-out, twist it in individual twist for a twist-out or roll it with sponge rollers for a roller set.

Thank you Napply Ole Me

(Photos below in previous post show all three hair styles)


Nappy Ole Me said...


You are always such an inspiration to me, both on the spiritual side and on the SisterLock tip. I too love that shampoo. I don't wash my hair often (2 - 3 weeks apart), but that smell makes me want to wash it more often. Keep me posted on how things are going for you. I REALLY need to post more on my Blog. I honestly just got my bloger to work again, so look for pictures real soon!

Chosen Vessel said...

Thank you for the warm comment :) I know what you mean about the smell, when I was in the shower I washed my hair much longer because it smelled so good. Now I remember they used to have some leave-in conditioner that smelled the same as the shampoo, do you know if they still have it because I did not see it in Sally's when I purchased the shampoo??? I only saw the night oil treatment, moose, and spritz?

I look forward to seeing pictures on your blog soon!

God bless