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Sunday, February 4, 2007

"I've Been Tagged"

Okay, I have been tagged by my blogging buddy Cheleskilove. So I have to tell five things about myself that you don't already know............................(((((Thinking)))).....(((((Thinking))))) okay, here it goes.....

1} In highschool I was a major athlete, I love sports! But it was also important to me to be feminine which was hard because I grew up more of a tomboy, but somehow I learned to master being rough and tough on the volleyball & basketball court and track field and then be a lady off of the field or court.

In highschool I was voted "Most Athletic and "Best All Around" (for my athleticism, grades, personality, and extracurricula activities).

Left- Me and Johnny posing for the yearbook picture for "Best All Around."

2} In highschool I am glad I got the opportunity to be a "Student Athlete" because not only was I able to get an athletic scholarship but a partial academic scholarship as well (otherwise I am not sure if I would have been able to attend college because my family was very poor). Being an Athlete truly brought meaning to my life, I learned leadership, teamwork, organization, assertiveness, hardwork, and determination. I know being an athlete made me the person I am today because the skills I learned as an athlete, I have taken everywhere with me.

3} I have a crippling fear of dogs!!!! I have always had a fear of dogs all of my life. This is one of the reasons I would like to get a dog so that I can learn to become more comfortable around dogs.

4} When I went to College, I attended a predominately white University. When I got to the school there were only 7 other African Americans. Out of the seven, three were women. So the first thing I thought was, "who in the heck am I going to date?.....this is going to be a lonnggg 4 years." I never considered dating anyone other than Black men because my highschool was predominately Black and I grew up in pretty much an all Black neighborhood.

Well I am happy to say that I stepped outside of my little world and had a ball dating men from other back grounds (probably had too much fun-smile). At my University, in the 90s, there had never been a Black woman date a White man, so I sort of started a trend.....well we had some major resistance at first, but after people got over themselves others were willing to explore. And I am happy to say that many marriages were started because of me going against the grain.

I must say, that University changed my life! I opened myself up to a whole new world with new friends, extended family, and great opportunities. Diversity for me is necessary to grow and be a well-rounded individual.

5} My husband and I met in church. We knew eachother for about one year and within 6 months we dated, were engaged and got married. We planned our wedding in 30 days. I remember it was on Christmas day and we were at my moms house and I told her that we decided to have the Pastor marry us and not have an actual wedding and she said, "oh no you will not, I have been waiting a long time to see my baby walk down the aisle," and after mama spoke we began planning. My husband also told me, that I would regret not having a wedding to be able to go back and reminisce. I am glad I listened to mama and my honey. Our wedding ended up being beautiful! Six years later I am still glad I had a wedding and married my honey.

WOW!!!!! I really enjoyed that! I hope you all enjoyed it!!!!
The 3 people I TAG are.....1. Aundrea 2. Carole 3. Jeri


Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Well, we sure d have many things in commom. I love the look into your athletic life. I'm so right there with you girl!

BTW, you have not changed much from high school.

Aya said...

I liked hearing about your college experience....stepping out without fear. Kuos to you. Your newest picture is fab. very sexy.

Chosen Vessel said...


Often when I read your blog I am thinking the same thing, that we have many things in common. Also, people that see me from highschool, even elementary, they always say you look exactly the same....hopefully in 2o years I will be hearing the same thing :)

Aya- I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the compliment on my new photo.

Brenda said...

You look like you're a great athlete. Still look the same!

Chosen Vessel said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks, I wish I was half the athlete today that I was back then, but you know that age thing sort of gets in the way :)

Goodnapps said...

Oh how fun. I loved reading what you shared. But I was able to relate to #4 the most. I had ok athletic skills, nothing to brag about.

cheleskilove said...

ahhh, that's cool. Do you still work out/do sports? That wasnt so bad afterall:)

Chosen Vessel said...

Tanya- regarding #4, so you know where I am coming from :)

Cheleskilove- I still work out but not even close to what I used to do.